Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A tiny peek at my psyche.

I do this nearly every night.  I berate myself over something ridiculous and it can go on for hours. 

As this blog is named, here it is, the 11pm anxiety rumination/answer session.

Ooo.. therapeutic.

"You shouldn't put all your crazy thoughts on the internet."
- My thoughts aren't nearly an iota as crazy as some of the mainstream stuff I see out there.  I often wish they were.  Maybe this can be a crazy-thought exercise! I am also instituting a "4 hour rule" in which I must write the blog in a word doc, save it and review no less than 4 hours after writing.  After review I may THEN post.  This MAY help with the fear of Blog Vomit but I realize this is not fool-proof.

"You're weird. People don't care about your stupid stuff."
- Then they don't have to read.  I'm entertaining myself here, join in or move along.

"You're going to offend people."
- Probably.  I often find myself offensive.  And hilarious.  This is really just about me reading my own stuff over and over again and laughing at it anyway. 

"You are an annoying person and people are judging you."
- Mmmm, don't care. If so, perhaps I'm doing a public service.  They need someone to judge to take the focus off of whatever is ailing them.  And I hope they feel  better soon.

I do!  Thank you ruminations exercise!

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